The Crypto Journey

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My Journey

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About Me

My name is Ryan and I am 36 years old from St. Louis, MO (and now residing in Oklahoma). After college, I began working for a successful Fortune 500 company, trying to earn enough income to provide for my family and also save up to retire as early as possible.

My first priority is my beautiful wife and our 3 amazing sons. Outside of work, we are continuously running to sports practices and games, piano lessons, church, school events, and Cub Scouts...and I love every second of it!

I've always wanted a way to earn a passive income to help supplement day to day expenses and also build toward retirement as quickly as possible. I first heard of Bitcoin about 5 years ago but thought nothing about it. Then in April 2017, I came across the idea of earning Bitcoin through cloud mining. I invested some money into Genesis mining and began to see payouts immediately.